Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm sick of it!!!!

I am so sick of hearing about teachers molesting little boys. I can't imagine why a grown woman would want to sleep with a 12 year old. Sorry, but there is nothing 12 year old can do for me but introduce me to his daddy. :) But oh no! Here you have teachers, college educated people, who cant seem to control themselves around young boys. This saddens me. Your children cant go to school without the fear that their teacher might try to seduce them.

This time the teacher went after a little imigrant kid and took him to Mexico to have sex with him. Now her ass is going to jail for kidnapping and sexual misconduct with a minor. What kind of person does that make you? That you would try to screw a 12 year old. How do you face your family? How do you face yourself?

I am so sick of pedophiles.... That means you... Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, and Kelsey Peterson.


Neb. teacher pleads guilty to sex with student, 13

OMAHA, Neb. - A former teacher pleaded guilty Wednesday to fleeing to Mexico with a 13-year-old student so she could have sex with him. Her plea was part of a deal to ensure she'll spend less than a decade in federal prison.

Kelsey Peterson, 26, cried in court and shook her head when the prosecutor said she started having sex with the boy when he was 12 years old and a student at Lexington Middle School, where she taught.
But the former math teacher pleaded guilty to a charge of transporting a minor across state lines to have sex, and avoided a similar charge that would have carried a mandatory 10-year minimum sentence.
The plea agreement calls for a sentence of at least 70 months in prison, up to a maximum of 87 months. The judge could decide on a different sentence, but that would give Peterson the right to change her plea, said federal prosecutor Jan Sharp. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for September.
Her family burst out of the court room Wednesday shouting at reporters, telling them to "ask (the victim) how old he is," and saying Peterson is being unjustly accused.
Peterson's attorney, James Martin Davis, has publicly questioned the boy's birth certificate. Davis said the boy was likely at least 16, and that he was the aggressor.
Amy Peck, an attorney for the boy and his family, said that suggestion was disgusting.
"He was a 12-year-old boy and the defendant knew it," Peck said Wednesday. "The result of this lower plea could have been obtained without playing to every racial stereotype that there is."
Peterson taught the boy during the 2005 to 2006 school year, then started having sex with him in November 2006, according to court documents.
The pair disappeared in October, soon after the district's superintendent confronted Peterson about allegations of an inappropriate relationship with the boy, then 13.
She was arrested a week later in Mexicali, Mexico.
In an interview to be aired Thursday on ABC's "Good Morning America," the boy, who is now 14, said Peterson cried and told him she loved him when they were discovered by authorities in Mexico.
He said he told Peterson he loved her, too. He's now living in Nebraska with his parents, although his attorney wouldn't say where.
A portion of the interview was aired Wednesday on the local ABC affiliate, KETV.
The guilty plea doesn't mean Peterson is off the hook on state charges, which include kidnapping and first-degree sexual assault. Her attorney said he hoped those charges would be dropped.
But Dawson County Attorney Elizabeth Waterman said Wednesday there are no plans to drop the state charges.
"Right now she's charged with what she's charged with," Waterman said. "The nature of any type of deal, I don't want to speculate on that."
Peterson likely won't be brought back to Dawson County to face state charges until after the federal sentencing, Waterman said.
The Associated Press previously named the boy as police were searching for him but stopped using his name after authorities charged Peterson with a sex crime.
He was an illegal immigrant in the United States when he left with Peterson. He's now back in Nebraska temporarily after being granted humanitarian parole by the Department of Homeland Security.
Peck said she plans to ask the U.S. attorney's office for a visa that could put the boy and his parents on the path to citizenship.
The "U" visa is designed for victims of certain crimes and their families and needs the backing of someone involved with prosecuting, investigating or judging the case.
"We have not been promised anything at this point," Peck said.
Said U.S. Attorney Joe Stecher: "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Religious Much?

What do I believe is one of the worst insults you can throw at a Christian?

Say that they're a "Religious Person".

I thought this was a commonly known thing, but in a lot of my conversations with non-believers, or apathetic people, or even "Religious People" for that matter, I have found that not many people understand the difference between being "Religious" and being a Christian.

A "Religious Person" say's if you don't go to church, you'll end up in Hell. A Christian knows that you'll only end up in Hell if you don't know Jesus.

A "Religious Person" says, you shouldn't drink, smoke, chew, swear etc. A Christian knows that God loves them and accepts them for who they are, warts and all. Not to say He loves everything you do, but he loves you DESPITE what you do.

A "Religious Person" is awful proud of themselves for all the charitable donations they make, and all the money they give to the church. A Christian knows that it's all Gods anyway, and sometimes a nickel is much more than a $100 bill.

A "Religious Person" thinks that if they're good to people, don't steal, and perform good works that they are somehow more righteous than the next guy, and this will win them points in heaven. A Christian knows that they are saved by grace through their faith alone, and absolutely nothing else. They may perform good works, but they realize that their works are but filthy rags when compared to the gifts from God.

A "Religious Person" thinks that long prayers are impressive, and that if they have the gift of tongues they are somehow more "Religious" than someone who doesn't have such a gift. A Christian knows that when it comes down to it, it's that time you spend in secret, quiet conversation with God that matters, and what you say in that time is irrelevant.

A "Religious Person" treats atheists/agnostics/unbelievers like they are doomed, and don't associate themselves with such people. A Christian knows that his actions are more important than his words to the lost, tries to treat all people with the love that God has for them (believer or not) and realizes that only a sick man needs a doctor.

"Religious People" killed Christ, and still kill new ideas today. They think worship should be done a certain way, when you wear certain things and only in a certain setting.

"Religious People" point out a splinter in your foot when they have a plank in their own.

My biggest challenge is when I talk to people who are non-believers that basically dismiss all I say as bunk...simply because they choose not to believe. It makes me sad for them, but that's what it all comes down's a personal choice. They say there's no God. To me, that would be like me saying to them, "Well, I've never met your dad, so therefore I don't believe you have one." It's that real, and I'm that confident in my relationship with Him. I have had "Religious People" quote to me the verse from Revelations that talks about being on fire for God, not "luke warm". My only defense is this: God knows my heart. He knows yours too.

---Borrowed from a wise sister

Monday, June 30, 2008

Can you say RETARDED?

Every now and then I read a story that I want to believe is not true. It's still funny though.

SACRAMENTO--Jackie Christie, wife of NBA star Doug Christie, refused to let a female doctor save her husband's life Saturday when he nearly choked to death during a dinner at the Pilothouse Restaurant in Sacramento . Christie frantically screamed for a doctor after her husband began gagging on a chicken bone, but when Clarissa Jordan, a 41-year-old female doctor, rushed to his aid, Christie grew agitated. She reportedly told Jordan to "back off" even as Doug's face turned purple and his breath came out in short, labored gasps.

Bystanders watched in horror as Jackie Christie calmly waited for a male patron to save her husband's life. Luckily, Sanjay Mehta, a local medical student who was sitting at the bar in an adjacent room, was able to apply the Heimlich maneu ver just in time to avert a tragedy. The chicken bone came up, and Jackie defended her decision not to let a female doctor save her husband.

"Miss Clarissa Jordan, or whatever her name is, came running over like a poodle in heat," said Christie. "I could tell she was lusting after my husband, which is why I wouldn't let her near him. Sure, she's a doctor, but that's a great way to get her little tongue down my husband's throat. Believe me, I'm no fool. Plus, my husband would never want a female doctor saving his life. He'd feel too guilty having another woman lay her hands on him. He'd rather die. I'm sure of it. "

Bystanders reported that Christie was not satisfied to simply wave Jordan away. Instead, she began beating the woman with her purse until the horrified doctor fled in terror. Christie said those claims were exaggerated, but did admit to "getting physical with her."

"I wouldn't say I beat her that hard. I just was trying to deter her from her ultimate goal of having sex with my dying husband," said Christie. "Yes, I hit her a couple time with my purse, but I had to. The woman was relentless! She kept saying 'He's going to die! He's going to die!' And I was like 'Whatever, bitch. Keep your hands to yourself.'"

After Jordan fled the scene, another female attempted to call 9-1-1 , but she, too, was thwarted by Jackie Christie. The women, 29-year-old waitress Cheryl Malcolm, insisted that she was jus t trying to help.

"After that woman [Jordan] got beat up, I realized Doug was still choking," she said. "So I ran over, grabbed my cell phone and started dialing 9-1-1 . Then [Christie] slapped the phone out of my hand and told me to mind my business and stop looking at her husband like that. I had no idea what she was talking about. I would never look at that guy in a sexual way. Gross."

After Malcolm was turned away, it looked like the end for Doug Christie. The Kings forward lay in a heap on the floor, his face bulging and red, his fists clenched, and his throat clogged with a large chicken bone, while Jackie sat with her arms folded and waited.

"I don't know the Heimlich maneuver or anything like that, so I didn't want to try anything that would hurt my baby," said Christie. "I was getting a l ittle nervous, especially when his eyes started bulging out of his head, but I knew if I waited long enough, some guy would come along and save him. If not, Doug would have been killed. But it's Ok. I made him promise to come back and haunt me after he dies."

Dr. Mehta was summoned into the room by a frantic patron who witnessed the choking. After he administered the Heimlich to Christie, he noted that if another moment had passed, Doug would've surely perished.

"I am extremely surprised that this man's wife did now allow Miss Jordan to save his life," said Mehta. "If another minute had gone by, he would surely be dead. In my country, this mad woman would have her hands cut off and her vagina sewn shut."

After being revived, Doug hugged his wife and breathed a sigh of relief. He thanked Dr. Mehta for saving his life, and recalled the final moments before he was rescued.

"Whew, that was a close call," said Christie, wiping the sweat off his brow. "I actually saw scenes from my life flashing by. The funny thing was that my wife was in all of the scenes, even the ones from my childhood before I met her. She was just there in the background with her arms folded, shaking her head disapprovingly. Huh. I bet a shrink would have a field day with that one, huh? A male shrink, of course."

After thanking Dr. Mehta, Christie also offered some words of gratitude to his wife.

"Although I am glad to be alive, I'm equally glad that my wife spared me the indignity of having another woman give me the Heimlich," he continued. "That would've been catastrophic. Even if I had lived, what kin d of life what tha t have been, knowing that I looked at, and briefly touched, another woman? I guess it would be kind of a normal life, actually. Anyway, that's the last time I ever eat chicken."

In order to avoid future incidents like the one that took place at the Pilothouse, the Christies have decided never to eat in a public place again.

"There's a lot of danger to eating in public," said Doug. "The outside world is fraught with peril. You never know, you could be sitting there eating, minding your business, and a chicken bone could get lodged in your throat causing you to need assistance from a female doctor or paramedic. Don't laugh. It happened to us, and it could happen to you."

Friday, June 20, 2008

Soulja Boy and IceT... sitting in a tree...

Getting on my damned nerves

Ok.. I don’t like Gansta Rap… I don’t like Bubble Gum Rap so I guess that puts me in the category of not liking either one of these bamma ass niglets.

But, How does it sound to have a 50 year old man.. yes 50, if his ass was born in 1958, telling a 17 year to “eat a dick”? What kind of ish is that? At 50 you should be trying to mentor this kid. Period. If you don’t like what he’s doing have a conversation… teach him something about life. Clearly there has to be some lesson you have learned since 1958 that you can teach.
I don’t think this whole diss tape this and diss tape that is a real way to address the issues that are happening not only in hip hop but in society. Ice T and some others in his generation paved the way for ignorant shit to be acceptable to be recorded on an album. They helped perpetuate the “Video Hoe” , Ghetto fab lifestyle, being a pimp, etc.

Now that you don’t understand or like what little dude is doing…(because according to him, your ass is old a fugg) all of a sudden it’s not ok. You have been rapping about killing the police, pimping hoes, etc. for a long ass time. Your lyrics and irresponsibility have helped to create a world where there are no longer Parental Advisory Warnings because anybody can say whatever they want to say. Not that this is not your right.. but damn. They even cuss on regular TV now…WTF?
So to blame the complete demise of Hip Hop on Soulja Boy is a cop out. A way for you to feel better about your old ass and the end of the day.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Canadian pierces lover's heart in botched sex game

Talk about kink. Aint no damned way.
OTTAWA (Reuters) - A Canadian man who asked his lover to carve a heart-shaped symbol on his chest during a rough sex game almost died when she accidentally pressed too hard and punctured his heart, a newspaper said on Thursday.
The Winnipeg Free Press said the 25-year-old woman had been sentenced to three years' probation after she pleaded guilty to assaulting the man in February 2007.
The 24-year-old man was initially given little chance of survival but made a full recovery and is backing the woman. Both had been drinking heavily and engaging in rough sex when he asked the woman to carve the symbol, the paper said.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What is wrong with the world?

T-shirts sold by Mulligan's Food & Spirits show the character Curious George above Barack Obama's name.

Cobb bar protested as racist for Obama T-shirts

Mulligan's selling shirts with 'Curious George' picture

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 05/13/08

Marietta tavern owner Mike Norman says the T-shirts he's peddling, featuring cartoon chimp Curious George peeling a banana, with "Obama in '08" scrolled underneath, are "cute." But to a coalition of critics, the shirts are an insulting exploitation of racial stereotypes from generations past.

"It's time to put an end to this," said Rich Pellegrino, a Mableton resident and director of the Cobb-Cherokee Immigrant Alliance. It was among the organizations gathering outside of Mulligan's Bar and Grill Tuesday afternoon to protest the "racist and highly offensive" shirts.

"There's no place for these views, not in this day and age," he said.

Just down the street from Marietta's famous Big Chicken, Mulligan's has carved a provocative niche in an increasingly multicultural area, thanks to its owner's ultra-conservative political views. If you live in Marietta, it's impossible not to know what's on Norman's mind, as he posts his views on signs in front of Mulligan's.

Among his recent musings: "I wish Hillary had married OJ," "No habla espanol — and never will" and the standard "I.N.S. Agents eat free."

"I'm saying out loud what everyone in this town whispers," Norman said.

Whatever residents think of the signs, organized opposition to his blunt commentaries — ongoing for 16 years — had been nonexistent. No longer, says Pellegrino, who, though familiar with Norman's politics, said he was still surprised by the stark imagery of the Obama T-shirts.

"There's a lot of people hurt by this," he said.

Norman said those offended are "hunting for a reason to be mad" and insisted he is "not a racist."

Why picture Obama as Curious George? "Look at him . . . the hairline, the ears, he looks just like Curious George," Norman said.

He said it's just a coincidence that the character he chose for the t-shirt is a monkey. Norman said proceeds raised from sales of the T-shirts will be donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Nation of Islam and the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials were among the organizations represented at Tuesday's rally.

"Mulligan's is promoting and selling racially offensive T-shirts, and Marietta and Cobb County residents and taxpayers abhor and cannot condone, any longer, this type of divisive and incendiary behavior in our community," said Jerry Gonzalez, executive director of GALEO.

Pellegrino said Mulligan's is giving Marietta a bad name, adding that the critics intend to remain vocal.

"These T-shirts were almost a Godsend," he said. "We're a coalition now, and we're very determined."

Friday, May 2, 2008

Crazy people need love too

Evidently Nick Cannon likes crazy. lol


Associated Press
NEW YORK - Nick Cannon is cast as Mariah Carey's lover in her new video — but has the superstar diva given the young actor a considerably bigger role in real life?
According to several published reports, Carey, 38, married Cannon, 27, on Wednesday. Neither Carey's publicist nor Cannon's manager returned requests from The Associated Press for comment.
If the pair did indeed wed, it would be a whirlwind romance. Word that the two were seeing each other first surfaced in the last few weeks. Last Saturday, Carey was seen sporting a huge diamond ring on her finger at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her movie, "Tennessee," in which she plays a waitress. Cannon was at her side at the party. Speculation swirled that the couple were engaged. was first to report that the two got married, at Carey's home in the Bahamas. Friday's New York Post also has the pair wed and E! Online quoted a relative of Cannon's as saying that he called his family and confirmed the news.
"He called us and told us all about it. We are happy for him. If that is what he wants then we are happy for him," Linda Cannon, identified simply as a family member, was quoted telling E!
Cannon has put out a rap album, but is best known for his role in the movie "Drumline" and a Nickelodeon TV series (yes, Nickelodeon — Cannon is 11 years Carey's junior). He's featured in Carey's upcoming video for "Bye Bye."
While Carey and Cannon (or is it the Cannons?) were playing coy, the famed jeweler Jacob & Co. was quick to publicize its apparent role in the reputed union with a press release touting the ring Cannon reportedly gave her.
The release described it as "crafted from platinum and features a square emerald cut fancy light pink diamond as the center stone surrounded by 58 intense pink diamonds and two half moon diamonds on each side.
"The total carat weight of the ring — center stone is 10 carats — is a jaw-dropping 17 carats with a value of $2.5 million."
Cannon does have experience with engagement rings. The actor, who has previously romanced singer Christina Milian and voluptuous reality star Kim Kardashian, last year gave a 15-carat stone to Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks as he proposed in grand fashion — on the Jumbotron in New York's Times Square. Cameras were flashing as she said yes. They split just a few months later.
The Carey-Cannon match is already getting considerably more ink, leaving some to wonder whether it's a publicity stunt: After all, she's just released a No. 1 album ("EMC2" is on the top of the charts), and he has at least four movies due out this year.
But then again, Carey is one of the most successful artists in music, and hardly needs a marriage to get her attention: She's already scored a No. 1 hit off the album with "Touch My Body."
This would be Cannon's first marriage but Carey's second. She famously wed top music executive Tommy Mottola in an extravagant wedding in 1993. They had a bitter divorce in 1998.
(This version CORRECTS spelling to Ebanks from Eubanks in graf 10. )

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dad arrested after fighting with girlfriend over which gang their 4-year-old son should join.

Can you say who is more retarded?


PARENTS DISPUTE SON'S FUTURE GANG TIES: Dad arrested after fighting with girlfriend over which gang their 4-year-old son should join. cfm?id=42580

A Denver man was arrested for causing a public disturbance after fighting with his girlfriend over which gang their four-year-old son should join.Police told Denver's KMGH that Joseph Manzanares showed up at the video store where his girlfriend worked, threatened to kill her and knocked over several video displays.Manzanares, who is Hispanic, wants the child to eventually bang with his gang Westside Ballers, while his black girlfriend wants the child to become a member of her Crips street gang."They have different ideas on how the baby should be raised," said Commerce City police Sgt. Joe Sandoval. "Basically, she said they cannot agree on which gang the baby would 'claim.'"

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Boy, 12, kills man who attacked his mom

HYATTSVILLE, Md. - A 12-year-old boy fatally slashed a man who was attacking his mother at the boarding house where they lived, authorities said.
Salomon Noubissie, 64, died at a hospital after he was slashed across the neck Monday night in the home in the Landover area.
Cpl. Diane Richardson, a spokeswoman for Prince George's County police, said Wednesday that authorities hadn't decided whether the boy would be charged with anything. They were reviewing the case with the state's attorney's office.
The boy said he had been playing a video game Monday night when he heard his mother, Cheryl Stamp, scream. He found her on the kitchen floor, straddled by a fellow resident who was choking her.
"I kept saying, 'Stop! Stop! Stop!'" the boy told The Washington Post, which published his account without giving his name. "But he just ignored me. He didn't stop. He just kept hurting her."
The boy said he took a knife and swung at the man. Police say they found Noubissie with a knife wound to the upper body.
Stamp said she didn't fully realize at first what her son had done. "He didn't say anything," she said. "But I knew when I looked in his eyes. I said, 'Oh, Lord.' "
Rarely is a 12-year-old implicated in a homicide, and even less often does a child that age kill someone to protect his mother.
"In Maryland, there can be a legitimate defense of third parties in the event of a violent attack," State's Attorney Glenn F. Ivey told the newspaper. "That is a possibility in this case."
Stamp said she and Noubissie, a Cameroonian immigrant, had moved into the boarding house within days of each other three months ago and had become friends. Stamp said Noubissie had told her he was studying to be a psychiatrist.
But on Monday night, she said, he was acting differently. He started to yell at her and grab her hair.
"He threw me down and started choking me. I think that's when my son came in. ... He protected me," she said.
Noubissie was combative with officers when they arrived, even as he was bleeding heavily, she said.
The boy said he was not happy with what happened but felt he had no choice.
"I told God that I had stabbed him because he was killing my mother. I know he understands, and I think he will keep us safe now."

Thursday, March 20, 2008

State fires 2 for looking at Obama file

This is some straight bullshit. The problem I have with this whole situation is that they fired the two contract employees and now the Inspector General does not have authority to question them about the activity. This is not simply curiosity by some federal contractors. GTFHO. No investigation and the first instance occurred in January. GTFOH.

This is a blatant violation of his rights. Come on. This campaign is getting ridiculous.


WASHINGTON - Two contract employees for the State Department have been fired and a third disciplined for inappropriately looking at Democratic Sen. Barack Obama's passport file, a spokesman said Thursday.

He would not release the names of those who were fired and disciplined.

"We believe this was out of imprudent curiosity, so we are taking steps to reassure ourselves that that is, in fact, the case," McCormack said.

curiosity," which occurred separately on Jan. 9, Feb. 21 and March 14. He would not release the names of those who were fired and disciplined.

"We believe this was out of imprudent curiosity, so we are taking steps to reassure ourselves that that is, in fact, the case," McCormack said.

Bill Burton, a spokesman for Obama's presidential campaign, called for a complete investigation.

"This is an outrageous breach of security and privacy, even from an administration that has shown little regard for either over the last eight years. Our government's duty is to protect the private information of the American people, not use it for political purposes," Burton said.

"This is a serious matter that merits a complete investigation, and we demand to know who looked at Senator Obama's passport file, for what purpose, and why it took so long for them to reveal this security breach," he said.

McCormack said it was not immediately clear what the contract employees may have seen in the records or what they were looking for. He said he did not know the names of the companies they worked for.

The department has informed Obama's Senate office of the breach, and a personal briefing for the senator's staff was scheduled for Friday, McCormack said.

Protesters arrested in DC marking 5th anniversary of Iraq war

War protesters have lost thier minds. I was reading a story this morning that 30 of them got arrested on yesterday. Some for throwing paint on a person and on the ground to represent the blood shed in Iraq.
OH.... hell 2 the no. They actually threw paint on someone's clothes! There is no way in hell I would have not been going to jail. You let somebody throw anything on me. I will bust their head to the white meat. I understand the whole thing about protesters making a statement about fur, war, things they believe etc. but if you violate:
1. my personal space
2. My body or clothing attached to my body
3. My ability to freely go where I need to go
You will have a whole lot to deal with. I wish a muthaf*cker would throw paint on me.
It is one thing to deface a building to make your statement...but to throw blood red paint on someones clothes who happens to be coming out of the building you are protesting.That's not happening. I bet you five dollars the person they threw paint on was not Black.

The headlines would have read something completely different: Black Man/Woman beats protester about the head for throwing paint! Both Arrested.


Protesters danced in the streets of downtown Washington, acted out a Baghdad street scene in Syracuse, N.Y., and gave out "unhappy birthday cake" in San Francisco to mark the fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
Dozens of people were arrested during demonstrations in the three cities and elsewhere around the nation.
At the IRS, about 100 protesters led by a marching band gathered Wednesday morning at the main entrance. Some of them jumped a barricade and sat down in front of the doors and were immediately detained. A second group did the same thing at a side entrance.
The demonstrators said they were focusing on the IRS, among other institutions, because it gathers taxes used to fund the war. A spokeswoman for the Federal Protective Service said 32 people were arrested. Another person was arrested by District of Columbia police for crossing a police line, spokeswoman Traci Hughes said.
Later Wednesday, about 20 protesters were arrested during a march about a block from the U.S. Capitol. Police made the arrests after the protesters, dressed mostly in black with white masks, froze in place and stopped traffic. In some cases, police had to drag the protesters off the street.
Brian Bickett, 29, was among the first arrested at the IRS building. The high school theater teacher from Brooklyn, N.Y., said he had never engaged in civil disobedience before.
"We need to find lots of different ways to resist the war, and I decided to try this," he said.
Events were held around the U.S. calling for an end to the war. In Syracuse, police arrested 20 protesters who blocked traffic by creating a mock Baghdad street scene. One person dressed in camouflage lay on the ground. Another was covered in a white sheet with red markings and a woman leaned over as if grieving. They were from a group of more than 100 demonstrators who marched downtown in a steady rain over the lunch hour.
In Chicopee, Mass., eight people were arrested when they blocked a gate at Westover Air Reserve Base, police said. Capt. John Muraski said most of the six women and two men are retirees over 60.
Five people were arrested In Hartford, Conn., for blocking the front door of a federal courthouse.
On the West Coast, San Francisco police arrested about 100 protesters by early afternoon for blocking traffic and chaining themselves to buildings, police said.
The rallies, which drew hundreds to the city's busy financial district, were mostly peaceful, though some demonstrators threw glass Christmas ornaments filled with paint at police, said Sgt. Steve Mannina, a San Francisco police spokesman.
Black balloons were tied to trees along San Francisco's main downtown thoroughfare, and protesters at a table offered coffee, oranges and "unhappy birthday cake" to passers-by.
Across the street a few hundred protesters banging drums and waving banners that read "Was it worth it" took to the streets for an impromptu parade that blocked morning traffic.
Demonstrators also converged in Ohio, where more than 20 different vigils, rallies, marches and other events were planned.
In New York City, the Granny Peace Brigade sang songs and counted out the war dead outside the military recruiting station in Times Square, which was recently the target of a bomb.
Half a dozen anti-war protesters in Miami dressed in black placed flowers outside the U.S. Southern Command during rush-hour Wednesday morning.
In Washington, hundreds of protesters gathered downtown at noon for an action called "Funk the War." With music blaring, the crowd marched and danced in the middle of the street for hours, blocking traffic as they went. Police pushed them out of the way when they lingered at major intersections. Some of the protesters used chalk to draw peace symbols and anti-war messages on the pavement.
"The loss of life needs to end," said Manihi Kotnik, 19, a college student from Flagstaff, Ariz. "Maybe if the people can unite and shut down traffic and shut down whatever, maybe they'll start listening."
Outside a military recruitment office, the protesters were met by a handful of counterdemonstrators.
Colby Dillard, who held a sign reading, "we support our brave military and their just mission," pointed to some red paint that one of the anti-war protesters had splattered on the sidewalk.
"The same blood was spilled to give you the right to do what you're doing," Dillard, who served in Iraq in 2003, told the protesters.
Earlier, about 150 people, mostly with the group Veterans for Peace, marched down Independence Avenue. Many of them carried upside-down American flags, which they said symbolized a nation in distress.
Daniel Black, who was stationed in Fallujah with the Marines in 2004, said that after he returned he came to believe the war was a mistake.
"The more I read the more it just didn't add up," said the 25-year-old, a student at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
A couple of miles away at the American Petroleum Institute, protesters chanted "No blood for Oil!" and tried to block traffic by sitting in the street and linking arms. At least once, they were dragged away by police.
On Tuesday, 10 people were arrested at an anti-war rally in upstate New York. About 60 people participated in the demonstration, which started at Binghamton University campus and moved into the street as demonstrators made their way to a military recruiting station. Police said the demonstrators tied up traffic in the town of Vestal, N.Y., causing two traffic accidents.
Vandals in Milwaukee damaged the front door of an Army recruiting center and spray-painted anti-war graffiti across its front windows. Milwaukee police said the vandalism occurred Monday night or Tuesday.
The Iraq war has been unpopular both abroad and in the United States, although an Associated Press-Ipsos poll in December showed that growing numbers think the U.S. is making progress and will eventually be able to claim some success in Iraq.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Even Old People.. Aint Worth a Damn!

Photobucket Photobucket

Accused hit-run grannies squabbled in custody

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Two elderly women accused of killing two transient men with a car so they could collect nearly $3 million in insurance money were videotaped talking about the scheme while in FBI custody, the prosecutor said in opening statements Tuesday.

Helen Golay, 77, is accused of befriending homeless men, taking out insurance policies, and killing them.

"It's your fault," Olga Rutterschmidt, 75, told co-defendant Helen Golay, 77, in the tape played for the jury. "You can't have that many insurers. ... You were greedy. That's the problem."
Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Truc Do said the women befriended the two men, took out insurance policies on their lives, then drugged them and ran them over to make it look like the two homeless men had been killed in hit-and-run accidents.

Rutterschmidt and Golay each have pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder and two counts of conspiracy to commit murder for financial gain in the deaths of 73-year-old Paul Vados in 1999 and 51-year-old Kenneth McDavid, 51, in 2005.

"We have evidence to show she's not guilty," Golay's attorney, Roger Jon Diamond, said in an interview Monday. "They have over 100 witnesses but they have no eyewitness, no confession. It's all circumstantial."

The prosecutor told the jury the women found the men in a homeless shelter at a Hollywood church, set them up in apartments and supported them for two years, all the while taking out multiple life insurance policies on them.

Do said the women ultimately profited of the deaths with $2.8 million and were still trying to collect on policies when they were arrested.

The jury also was shown pictures of the victims' bodies, receipts for rent, a car that has been linked to one of the killings and a rubber stamp with one victim's signature that was allegedly used to sign insurance policies.

The case began in 2006 in federal court with a grand jury indicting the women on nine counts each of mail fraud and related charges for making false insurance claims. But when further evidence developed in the alleged hit-and-run scheme, the case was transferred to Los Angeles County Superior Court and murder charges were filed.

Your Punk Ass...

OK. So you are man enough to kill somebody but you pass out in court when they tell you that you can get the death penalty.

State passes droopy pants law

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (Reuters) - The Florida Senate wants public school students to pull up their pants. Lawmakers passed a bill Thursday that could mean suspensions for students with droopy britches.
It won't become law unless the House of Representatives passes a companion measure.
Florida could join several southern U.S. towns and cities that have passed "saggy pants" laws aimed at outlawing what some teenagers consider a fashion statement -- wearing pants half way down their buttocks, exposing flesh or underwear.
Supporters say schools sometimes don't properly police dress codes and parents are often "under aware" of what their kids are wearing to school.
Critics say the measure is unnecessary, arguing that appearance and dress codes should be the responsibility of school districts and parents.
Despite being the butt of jokes, the bill's sponsor, Orlando Sen. Gary Siplin, a Democrat, has said the fashion statement has a back-story -- it was made popular by rap artists after first appearing among prison inmates as a signal they were looking for sex.
"All we're trying to do now is trying to inform folks that we have a fad now that does not have a very good origination," Siplin said. "We're trying to make an example in school," he added, saying it would help students get jobs and a degree.
The Florida city of Riviera Beach passed its own saggy pants law Tuesday, with a maximum penalty of 60 days in jail for repeat offenders.
(Reporting by Michael Peltier, editing by Jim Loney and Todd Easth

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gas is Way too High!

Gas is way too high when you have to proposition someone oral sex to get gas money. The worse part is when the person won't pay stab him. LMAO. Is it that hard out there in the streets. It hurts me to say that this poor woman looks like the love child of Chewbacca and James Brown. *thanks Wanna* What man would want to admit he paid for some from her... so she could get gas. The question I have is: How much gas was she going to get? How do you ask a dude to let you break them off for a half a tank? LMAO. Hate to see what she would do for the light bill.

Sorry gas for you! No Gas for you



MESA, Ariz. — An east Valley woman who bartered sex for gas money ended up stabbing her victim while partially severing her finger, Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies said.Kelli Still, 43, was arrested by deputies, transported to the Fourth Avenue Jail and charged with aggravated assault with a weapon.With gas prices soaring, Still bartered oral sex for gas money with a male acquaintance over the weekend, deputies said.The encounter did not result in a contractual sex act but an aggravated assault when the woman pulled out a pair of scissors and began attacking the man, according to deputies.Michael Hamilton suffered numerous stab wounds to the face and chest, sheriff’s investigators said.Still also suffered wounds from the scissor attack, deputies said.When authorities arrived at the residence in Mesa, both people were covered in blood.Still told deputies the fight was a result of a sex-for-gas contract gone bad.Arizona’s statewide average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is currently sitting at $3.191 per gallon, 58 cents higher than a year ago, according to AAA Arizona.Last week, gas prices across the state hit record highs for four consecutive days.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Dogs just want to have fun!

GROSS.I didn't know dogs could do that. This is a damned shame. That is all.

You are not the Father!!!

I am so mad at the digital display.

Some Parents aint worth a damn!

See this type of mess is why kids grow up to kill their parents. That poor child had his heart set on a damned xbox and his parents did him like this. The look on his face took the cake for me. Almost like he wanted to say if I was bigger I'd kick your ass. Just wait.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Family attacks TV news crew ... yells racial slurs!

This is some straight bullshit! I need South Carolina to get some hate crime laws... considering their rich history of racial injustice. This is just crazy. A white film crew from another station records a black reporter and her camera man get attacked by a white family.. but none of them get attacked. Both film crews were there to report the same story.

The problem I have with the whole situtation is..

1. Your son killed your father. Sorry maam but that is news. You can't get mad because a black reporter is doing her job... and is reporting on some mess your son did.

2. Who are these two little coons with the cell phones trying to record what happened. At least try to break up the fight. KNEEGROWS!

3. How ignorant is it for your whole family to try to beat up someone in front of another camera crew. Like they are not going to record it.

4. South Carolina is still a racist state. Get some hate crime laws you backwards hicks.


COLUMBIA, South Carolina (AP) -- Three people upset that a news crew was reporting on the arrest of a relative attacked the television reporter and yelled racial slurs at her and a photographer, authorities said Tuesday.

A news crew reporting on an arrest was attacked by the subject's family, authorities said.

The family members, all white, began yelling and charged at black WSPA-TV reporter Charmayne Brown while she was standing in the street near the family's home in Union, said news director Alex Bongiorno.
Brown was punched in the head, and black cameraman Ti Barnes was also struck as he tried to pull family members off Brown, Bongiorno said. A video of the attack shows Brown, who wasn't seriously injured, defending herself.

"I think she's more affected by the verbal abuse than the physical abuse. She's really shaken up," Bongiorno said.
The fight was taped by a white crew from a second television station. They were not attacked.
Tousha Smith, 31, Billie Joe Taylor, 31, and Trina Vinson, 48, were being held at a Union jail on Tuesday evening on assault and battery charges, authorities said. South Carolina has no law allowing a hate crime charge.
Attempts to contact the family were unsuccessful; messages left at several numbers were not immediately returned, and authorities said they weren't sure whether the three had attorneys.
Charges are pending against a fourth person, authorities said. The reporter and photographer were not charged.
Brown was reporting on the death of 73-year-old Tommy Howell, who was killed by a blow to the head after an argument, authorities said. His body was found Tuesday in his home. Police arrested his grandson, Shane Howell, and charged him with murder, Union Police Chief Sam White said.
Shane Howell remains in jail, and it is unclear whether he has an attorney.
"These people were very upset," White said. "I guess they just took it out the wrong way."

2 Sentenced in West Virginia Torture Case

This is insane. After all of the things they did to that girl this is all the time they got. West Virginia is a effed up place to live. That's all.


2 Sentenced in W.Va. Torture Case

LOGAN, W.Va. — Two people accused of taking part in the torture of a young black woman received the maximum sentence possible Thursday, but the victim's mother said it wasn't enough.

Karen Burton, 46, and Frankie Brewster, 49, both pleaded guilty last month for their roles in the kidnapping and assault of Megan Williams last summer. They were among seven white defendants charged in the case.

Logan County Circuit Judge Roger Perry sentenced Burton to 10 years for violating Williams' civil rights. She also received separate 2 to 10 year sentences for assault charges. All three sentences will be served consecutively. Brewster received a 10-to-25-year sentence for second-degree sexual assault.

Williams and her parents wept as the sentences were read.

"I just believe he (prosecutor Brian Abraham) shouldn't have plea bargained with any of them," said Williams' mother, Carmen, after the sentencing. "She (Megan Williams) wanted them to do life."

Megan Williams, wearing dark sunglasses and a large black coat, made no statement.

Malik Shabazz, a founder of Washington, D.C.-based Black Lawyers for Justice, also decried the sentences. He called for a special state prosecutor and renewed involvement by federal authorities.

"I don't understand what happened here in Logan County and why they don't take what happens to our people seriously," Shabazz said.

The judge said during the brief, sparsely attended hearing that he was giving the maximum sentence in each case.

According to Department of Corrections officials, Burton must spend at least six years and six months in prison before becoming eligible for parole. Brewster must serve at least 10 years before being considered for parole.

Authorities say Williams was held captive for several days last summer at Brewster's trailer in Big Creek. In addition to the beatings and assaults, authorities said Williams was forced to eat animal feces and was stabbed. The 21-year-old woman was rescued by sheriff's deputies on Sept. 8 after they received an anonymous tip.

Two other defendants already have pleaded guilty and been sentenced. Burton's daughter, Alisha, 23, and George Messer, 27, both pleaded guilty in February to kidnapping and assault and received 10-year sentences.

Felony charges including kidnapping and sexual assault are pending against Brewster's son, Bobby, 24, and Danny Combs, 21. A seventh defendant, Karen Burton's son, Linnie Burton Jr., 21, was indicted on a misdemeanor battery charge.

The Associated Press generally does not identify suspected victims of sexual assault, but Williams and her mother agreed to release her name. Carmen Williams has said she wanted people to know what her daughter had endured.

Friday, March 7, 2008

No more.... Performance Enhancing Drugs

I am sad. I am all out of Performance Enhancing Drugs.

Namely. Prednisone.

For those that don't know I have been hella sick over the last couple weeks. I had an asthma attack on top of Bronchitis. While I had never suffered from Asthma as a child... it has taken control of my bronchial tubes and hijacked my life.

Needless to say the Steriods were a lifesaver for me. I am feeling a lot better but now that my steroids are gone I can clearly feel the difference. It is harder to breathe than yesterday.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Funny Religious Videos

I don't knock other religions... but I think these cartoons are hilarious!

What Mormons BelieveL


Muslim Response to Cartoons

Christian Cartoon

Giants upset the Cheat-riots!

I said it! I knew they had it in them! I am sooooooooooooo super excited that the Giants won. You have no idea. The numerous sacks made me oooooooooooh so happy. It was so exhilirating to see Tom Brady pummelled to the ground repeatedly. There were so many people at the party I went to that I hardly even got to see the commercials. So I guess I will have to look at them on the internet.
My afterthoughts:
1. That was one hell of a catch. David Tyree is the man.
2. SACK-AGE! I hate Tom Brady
3. Giant's defense was on... fire
4. Did I say I hate Tom Brady? LMAO
5.Plaxico... we love you!
P.S. I love Superbowl articles. They say everything I wanted to say without me having to type. This picture is priceless. LMAO


Manning has his moment
By Jason Cole, Yahoo! SportsFebruary 3, 2008

GLENDALE, Ariz. – This was more than some great comeback, some moment borrowed from the books written by Joe Montana, John Elway or Johnny Unitas.
No, this was something far more extraordinary that Eli Manning and the rest of the New York Giants pulled off Sunday in posting one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history. They were, after all, playing the 18-0 New England Patriots, featuring the brilliant duo of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.
You see, you're not supposed to beat Brady in the fourth quarter. You're not supposed to beat Belichick when he has his defensive linemen surrounding you.
In short, what Manning pulled off wasn't some type of ordinary bit of football as he earned the game's Most Valuable Player award. It was something from a Criss Angel "Mindfreak" video. Only magicians with expertise in illusion and tempered with the dark side of Houdini pull off stunts like this, a 17-14 victory over New England in Super Bowl XLII.
44-yard line, Manning pulled off a play that will go down in the annals of NFL playoff lore. He first escaped from the clutches of three Patriots defenders (including defensive tackle Jarvis Green, who had his hands on Manning) and scrambled away. He then launched a 32-yard pass to backup wide receiver David Tyree down the middle of the field.
"I didn't have anybody to block on the play, so I turned around and I saw three guys mugging him and somehow he got that scrawny body out of there," Giants left guard Chris Snee said.
The play doesn't stop there. Tyree reached over Patriots strong safety Rodney Harrison to fight for the ball. As the two came crashing down, Tyree controlled the ball with one hand while pressing the ball against his helmet, all as the rugged Harrison wrestled with him.
"The ball just seemed to hang up there forever," Manning said. "It was just a heck of a play by David to come down with it."
That's a gross understatement. The better way to put it is this: Move over Lynn Swann, Dwight Clark and Franco Harris; Tyree deserves a place alongside you. Throw in the escape, and you might have one of the top plays in NFL playoff history.
At least that's what the previous Super Bowl MVP said as he celebrated the moment.
"That will go down in history as probably the biggest combination of scramble and catch in Super Bowl history," said Peyton Manning, Eli's older brother, who cheered from a luxury suite.
"The way Eli got out of the sack, then scrambled, threw it to Tyree and Tyree makes that amazing catch, that has to be one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history."
The elder Manning brother then started to consider some other dramatic plays.
"Maybe that juggling one by (Pittsburgh Hall of Fame receiver Lynn) Swann …" Peyton said before being distracted by another question.
Suffice to say, this one was instant history. Well, maybe not instant. Before it could get to that point, Eli Manning had to finish off what turned out to be a 12-play, 83-yard drive in 2:07. Manning hit wide receiver Plaxico Burress for the game-winning 13-yard touchdown pass with 35 seconds remaining, too little time for even Brady to work his heroics.
This drive was unlike anything the Giants and Manning had faced during the playoffs. Part of what had made the Giants' three-game run to the Super Bowl so impressive is that they really didn't face too many difficult situations. There were only 15 times that New York faced third down when needing eight yards or more in the three road playoff victories. Of those, four came when the Giants already were in field goal range.
Prior to the last drive Sunday, the Giants faced three such situations against the Patriots, failing on each of them. But on the scoring drive, not only did Manning escape the third-and-5 with the pass to Tyree, he got the Giants out of a third-and-10 (the Giants needed a fourth-and-1 conversion to complete it) and then converted a third-and-11 with 45 seconds left to set up the touchdown to Burress.
"You want to have the ball in your hands, four minutes left," Manning said. "Go down, you've got to score a touchdown. That's where you want to be, a chance to win the game. … Everybody stepped up and made huge plays."
Throughout the drive, Manning was harassed by the Patriots defense. He scrambled for yardage on one play and was sacked another time after scrambling. On at least three other plays, he faced significant pressure that forced him into incomplete passes.
Through all of it, Manning maintained his composure. This was the trait former New York general manager Ernie Accorsi saw when he scouted Manning in college and traded for him in 2004.
"He's as calm in a two-minute drive in the Super Bowl as he is in the first quarter of a preseason game," Peyton Manning said. "The best quarterbacks are the ones who can live in the moment, and that's Eli."
Living in the moment allowed Manning to handle the essence of what the Patriots do, which is put pressure on people to perform in the clutch.
"That's one of the things I admire so much about watching New England," Manning's celebrated father Archie said. "They really brought the heat. In clutch situations, one of the things you know they're going to do is bring pressure. … Handling that pressure can define you. You can't do it every time, but you have to experience it to see what you're going to be."
What Eli Manning was going to be was widely debated throughout the offseason and even into the season. Former Giants running back Tiki Barber indicted Eli Manning's leadership capabilities early on, prompting a terse reply by Manning.
Then again, words pale in comparison to deed. During the season, Manning continued to be his inconsistent self. He led the league with 20 interceptions. But starting with the second-to-last game of the season against Buffalo, Manning got on a roll.
Coming into the Super Bowl, he was immaculate in the playoffs, throwing five touchdowns and zero interceptions. He had one interception in the first half Sunday, but that came on a pass that should have been caught by Steve Smith and deflected into the hands of New England cornerback Ellis Hobbs.
But this game wasn't about playing clean or being efficient, all things that Manning had done leading up to Sunday. This was about a defining moment in a young career.
Manning took that moment and defined it as history.
Super winners and losers
By Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! SportsFebruary 3, 2008

One of the great upsets and great dramas in sports history produced more than just one winner – the New York Giants – and one loser – the New England Patriots. The game within a game (not to mention the television broadcast), a week of Super Bowl excess and the crushed shot at history for the Patriots produced all of the following:

WINNER: The Giants' defensive front
Michael Strahan, Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, Fred Robbins, Jay Alford, et al. dominated this football game, pressuring Tom Brady like no other opponent all season.
It wasn't just the five sacks. It wasn't just the rushes that threw off Brady's timing and derailed the usually high-octane Patriots offense. It was how Brady was edged even when he wasn't pressured, how he overthrew wide-open receivers and made too-quick decisions. It was the false starts by the overwhelmed Patriots line.
It's unlikely even Tom Coughlin thought his team could win 17-14, more likely thinking his team needed to get at least 28 points. But the line did it. The Giants thoroughly outplayed the Patriots in this game, and this was where it started.
WINNER: Eli Manning
He long has been doubted and often has been hammered by fans and in the media. In truth, he often has deserved it. But he matured in this postseason, and his fourth-quarter drive will cement his legend in New York forever.
The numbers – 19-of-34 passing, 255 yards – never will tell the story of a guy who kept the mistakes to the minimum and, when needed, played like an all-time great.
"Eli Manning Super Bowl MVP" was a phrase that probably no one – not even Archie Manning (by the way, can we have some new sons?) – would have believed just a month ago. But here we are, Eli looking on that final drive like Brady did in his first Super Bowl triumph over the St. Louis Rams.
LOSER: Bill Belichick
His third-quarter decision to go for it on fourth-and-13 rather than kick a 49-yard field goal will be analyzed forever. His kicker, Stephen Gostkowski, was at the end but certainly within his range. A successful kick would have made the game 10-3 and, eventually, 17-17.
Even if he missed, the field position loss wasn't that bad (Giants' 31-yard line). Fourth-and-13 is about as low percentage as it gets, and for Belichick to make such a confused tactical decision seemed to help build confidence in the Giants.

WINNER: 1972 Dolphins
They remain the only perfect team in the NFL's Super Bowl era, their spot in history secure for, who knows, maybe another 35 years. If this Patriots team couldn't navigate the salary cap era's first 19-0 season, then who can?
LOSER: The rest of us
Who have to continue hearing Mercury Morris and his fellow grumpy old men crow about it.
WINNER: Plaxico Burress
Not so much for his winning TD catch – he was all alone and should have made it – but his prediction of 23-17. It was an overblown story, but it is worth noting Brady's reaction.
"We're only going to score 17 points?" Brady said with a laugh. "OK. Is Plax playing defense?"
Turns out New England wished it could have scored 17.

WINNER: Eli Manning to David Tyree
Perhaps no play epitomized the Giants' heart in this game more than their last hookup. First, Manning was all but sacked three different times, somehow fought it all off, scrambled free and made a desperation throw for an against-the-helmet, test of wills 32-yard catch by Tyree.
That was the stuff of legend.
All over Phoenix this week hung signs that read "Who Wants It More?" Turns out it was a former sixth-round pick.
LOSER: Tom Brady
The guy was harassed all night and did deliver a late-game touchdown drive, but his body language and facial expressions throughout were anything but his old cool self. When the going got really tough in this game (aside from the aforementioned series), he couldn't find a way to make this offense move the football. For someone who always had been so great in the most tense of moments, this was an unexpected stumble.
WINNER: "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"
The Fox show not only looks somewhat promising but also its in-game advertisements where the terminators arrived to beat up the Fox robot were something football fans have been waiting for all season. Since when does a robot need high knees to "warm up"? Plus, it has been trash talking all season. The beat down was long overdue. Of course, the robot returned, indestructible like a terminator, apparently.
WINNER: Tom Petty
Petty never seemed like a real flashy act, and he served himself well by keeping the Super Bowl pyrotechnics to a minimum and just playing four of his classics. It may not go down as the most memorable Super Bowl halftime show, but it was a definite crowd pleaser and certainly loved by his fans.
Super Bowl acts usually fail when they try to do too much – or in the infamous Justin Timberlake-Janet Jackson encounter, reveal too much. There's nothing wrong with keeping it simple.
LOSER: Bill Belichick fashion
Why mess with the championship karma of the gray hoodie and go with that strange new red hoodie? Was it a play to the team's old colors and Pat the Patriot logo? Or an effort to push more merchandise? There weren't any Patriots fans watching who didn't get worried when they first saw the red hoodie, which, predictably, didn't even look good.
His postgame interview was priceless, though – forever the epitome of the devastated coach.
WINNER: New York-Boston rivalry
It just gets more intense from here on out, with New York delivering its answer for the Red Sox's historic 2004 American League Championship Series victory over the Yankees after trailing 3-0.
WINNER: Wes Welker
Along with Kevin Faulk, Welker was the Patriot who showed up and delivered like it was a Super Bowl. His 11 catches for 103 yards weren't just impressive; they often were back-breaking numbers on crucial third downs.
LOSER: Phoenix as a host city
It's far too spread out and the downtown lacks life, which means you wouldn't even know the Super Bowl was really happening. The stadium is nice, but it is one of the strangest architectural works you'll see, plopped down in the middle of a suburb that still is a lot of desert. The NFL's decision to stage its fan "NFL Experience" out in a parking lot there didn't help. Oh, and it's not even warm there this time of year.
WINNER: Troy Aikman
He was insightful but not noisy, entertaining but not overbearing – a fine effort from a guy who has moved seamlessly from Super Bowl field to broadcast booth in short time. Maybe best of all, he so recently won three championships but in remembering why everyone is watching didn't relate every story back to him.
WINNER: The "7" and "3" squares
A double winner after the second and third quarters; a payout oddity that almost was even better – it was within seconds of being the first-quarter winner also.
WINNER: Tom Coughlin
The man was best known for never smiling. Then came this year when he buddied up with the players, tried to enjoy life a little bit and let everyone in the franchise breathe a bit.
Maybe this is the Tony Dungy effect on the NFL.
If he's going to lose, Bill Belichick would rather be elsewhere
Sunday, Feb 3, 2008 11:12 pm EST

On more than one occasion this year, Bill Belichick and the Patriots have run up the score on an overmatched opponent, and forced an opposing coach to sit there and watch his beaten team go through the motions while their heineys were being handed to them.But when the shoe's on the other foot, and Bill Belichick's team has been beaten, he can't sit there and take the pain for a few seconds.With :01 left on the clock, and his team just having failed on a last chance 4th down effort, Bill Belichick ran onto the field for a quick handshake, and then bolted for the locker room. Belichick's an important guy and everything, but I wasn't aware that the league had given him the authority to decide when games end.There's time left on the clock, his team's been humbled, outplayed, and lost their chance at history ... and Bill Belichick doesn't have the stomach to sit there and absorb the pain until the clock read 0:00. That's unsportsmanlike at best, disrespectful at least, and at worst, it makes him a big sissy. Because Bill Belichick wanted to go hide when he lost, the field ended up being flooded with people, and the officials had to clear the area before the Giants could take their final snap and make it official. When you lose, you take your loss. You don't leave early because it makes you feel sad inside. Your opponent deserves more respect than that.Anyone remember in 2004 when Randy Moss left the sidelines with two seconds left in a Vikings vs. Redskins game? Moss was selfish, a baby, a quitter, didn't respect his teammates, and didn't respect the game. Belichick just did the same thing, but did it on the biggest possible stage, and did it from the position of a leader of men.Maybe there's something to be said for the inability to lose well ... most great winners don't lose well, and a sore loser is still a loser. But still, if you're an adult, you finish out the game, and you give your opponents the stage and the respect they deserve.

Friday, January 25, 2008

TV is Flypaper for Morons

What is wrong with people on TV. They just don't know what to say out of their mouths. First they are talking about lynching Tiger Woods now this. I just don't get it.

Of all the things you could say she chose to say 'F--- Jesus'.

Now I wont condemn her to hell, I 'll let God deal with that, but at least apologise for the remarks you made. If you get drunk and say something you normally wouldn't say at least be woman enough to own it and apologise. You know what they say about drunk people though: They normally tell the truth. This is how she really feels. The good thing about Jesus is he would forgive her.

What I have a problem with is the fact that EPSN hasn't really addressed it other than making her take a week off from work. Give me a week off. That is a vacation, not a punishment or something that will make her see the error of her ways. That is sad.

She gets this weeks Golden Dummy Award!

ESPN anchorwoman: 'F--- Jesus'
TV host taken to task for outburst at public event
Posted: January 22, 2008
4:21 p.m. Eastern
© 2008

Dana Jacobson

A Catholic advocacy group charges the sports TV network ESPN has failed to respond properly to a graphic rant by anchorwoman Dana Jacobson in which she "attacked Jesus Christ."
Jacobson, reportedly intoxicated, was speaking at a celebrity roast in Atlantic City, N.J., when she unleashed a profane tirade, saying, "F--- Notre Dame," "F--- Touchdown Jesus" and finally "F--- Jesus."
"Touchdown Jesus" is the popular moniker for a mural on Notre Dame's library featuring Jesus raising his arms.
Catholic League president Bill Donohue said he pressed ESPN on the issue and received an e-mail with an unsatisfactory statement by Jacobson.
The statement said, in part, "My remarks about Notre Dame were foolish and insensitive. I respect all religions and did not mean anything derogatory by my poorly chosen words."
Donohue contended the response "fails on several counts."
"First, there is no evidence that ESPN is taking this matter seriously," he said. "Are we to believe that her hate speech is of no consequence?"

Donohue argued Jacobson's comments were at a public event where she represented ESPN.
Secondly, he pointed out, racist remarks by the late sports commentator Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder during a luncheon interview in 1988 resulted in his prompt firing by CBS, despite an apology.
Donohue added, "It is also important to note that being drunk didn't help Mel Gibson's case when he made bigoted remarks about Jews."
Finally, the Catholic leader said, "By far the most offensive thing she said, 'F--- Jesus,' isn't even addressed!"
"It is obvious, then, that neither Jacobson nor ESPN is dealing with this matter in a professional way," Donohue declared. "To put this issue behind them, ESPN must deal with this issue quickly, publicly and fairly, something it has yet to do. After all, most Christians are yet unaware of this event, but once they learn of it, they are sure to demand accountability."
As WND reported in September, Kathy Griffin, the star of the Bravo show "My Life on the D-List," stirred controversy when she used her appearance on the Emmy Awards program to tell Jesus to "suck it" and to claim full credit for the honor for herself.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

R.I.P. Heath Ledger

I was messed up when I read that Heath Ledger died yesterday. He was a great actor. I loved him in Cassanova , Brother's Grimm and A Knights Tale. I never saw Brokeback Mountain and I am sorry that so many people equate him to only this role. He was a great actor and will be missed.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

OMG!!!! Headline reads: "Fake wrestling star tries UFC"

I cant wait! OK. For those who don't know I am an MMA junkie! *feigning*

Just because I can't teach kickboxing anymore does not mean I can't watch it! This might be a good match... or it could go really really fast. There's no way to tell. The undercard looks like it would be worth paying for the PPV. I will probably wait until the following weekend to watch it on "On Demand". I am not paying for any more fights. I think that is going to be a new rule for me. With the money I spent on PPV fights (UFC, Boxing etc.) I could have easily bought something really nice.

In the spring of 2000, Brock Lesnar was a University of Minnesota senior, just two weeks and a handful of workouts away from the NCAA Division I wrestling tournament.
Today, the 30-year-old Lesnar finds himself in a similar situation as he trains for his match against former Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight champion Frank Mir in the most publicized debut in UFC history.
The former “Next Big Thing” of pro wrestling has become ultimate fighting's next gigantic question mark, a 1-0 fighter with 69 seconds of ring experience thrown into the deep end of a shark-infested pool.
Whether he's in over his head remains to be seen, but the reason he's being billed as the semi-main event of UFC 81 on Feb. 2 in Las Vegas is because of his fame as a former World Wrestling Entertainment champion.
The success of this card hinges on people buying the novelty of a former WWE champion fighting a former UFC champion. The idea, if it clicks, is to rally the UFC fan base to want to see the fake wrestler get smashed, and for the pro wrestling audience, to whom the show is being heavily marketed, to tune in out of curiosity to see how one of its all-time tough guys can do.
Lesnar knows his role is to antagonize UFC fans, as he did in dismissing Mir's submission ability in a commercial. Lesnar noted upon signing with UFC a few months ago that when it comes to promoting a fight, he "learned from the best."
"I've got eight workouts left (as of late last week) and I'm very excited for February 2," Lesnar said. "I've got it all to lose and I've got everything to gain. Frank Mir doesn't have the same kind of pressure."
Lesnar knows the knee-jerk reaction is to say a WWE champion would get destroyed in an MMA match. He's heard all the wise cracks: No scripts. No dance partners allowing you to do your moves. With his big muscles, he'll gas out in a minute of real fighting. But what makes this match different from a Kimbo Slice-type of freak show is that those on the inside are even more intrigued than those on the outside.
Oddsmakers are heavily favoring Lesnar, likely because they think people will bet on him because of name recognition as opposed to handicapping the match based on who they think has the best chance of winning.
It would be a mistake to dismiss Lesnar as an over-muscled fake; he's arguably the best all-around athlete of any heavyweight in UFC history. Certainly nobody can match his combination of strength, explosive power, and speed to go along with his 265-pound fighting weight.
After one week of training with Lesnar in late 2006, MMA coach Pat Miletich, a former UFC champion, came away impressed. "In a year, there won't be a man alive who can beat him," Miletich said. Lesnar has spent the last 18 months training at Greg Nelson's Minnesota Martial Arts Academy in Minneapolis, concentrating on striking and jiu- jitsu. He often works out with the national champion University of Minnesota wrestling team -- in particular, Cole Konrad, the 2008 Olympic hopeful who was NCAA heavyweight champion the past two years. Suffice to say, Lesnar gets a regular reality check of where his wrestling stands.
"I'm going to stay in his face and control him," Lesnar said. "I can guarantee I'll be in better condition than Mir."
But will tremendous athletic gifts and 18 months of training help Lesnar overcome a lack of MMA experience and an opponent with enough submission skills to finish even ground experts? People will be watching to see.
Lesnar's pro wrestling fame has allowed him to start as one of MMA's highest-paid fighters. The downside to that fame is it forces him into the spotlight. While most people with his potential would be brought along slowly and shielded from such a dangerous opponents so early in his career, because of what he's getting paid, he has to be in a match like this one with a theme that will grab attention.
Lesnar's strengths as a wrestler were conditioning, physical power, takedown ability, and his ability to turn his opponents over. But outside of his workout partners, the only evidence anyone has seen of him as a fighter was his June 2 win over Min Soo Kim at the Los Angeles Coliseum.
Min Soo was a 1996 Olympic silver medalist in judo, so he was no slouch. But he has also had struggles adapting to MMA, with a 4-6 record. Lesnar did a quick takedown and showed unusually powerful short punches in quickly knocking out the Korean on the ground.
But the spot Lesnar put Min Soo -- on his back -- is the exact place Mir wants to be, working for an armbar or a triangle. Mir's most famous moment in UFC was an armbar from the bottom that broke Tim Sylvia's arm and won him the heavyweight title on June 19, 2004.
The question is, if Lesnar can connect from the top with his heavy artillery, how long does Mir have to get that submission before he's knocked silly? While Lesnar will have a significant size advantage over most UFC heavyweights, Mir, at 6-foot-4 and 250 pounds, will be slightly taller and nearly as heavy as Lesnar, and he does have a wrestling background, including a Nevada high school state championship. If he can keep his distance and avoid a takedown, he'll have a reach advantage, and while not a great striker, Mir has a huge experience edge in that aspect of the game.
"Frank Mir is a black belt in jiu jitsu," Lesnar said. "I've been training a lot in jiu jitsu, and a lot of jiu jitsu defense and a lot of striking and defense. My wrestling workouts have taken a back seat because I did that for 18 years." Lesnar says he has visualized this fight a thousand times and the only consistent thing is his hand being raised at the end.
"Anybody can get knocked out in this sport if you get hit with the right punch with the size of the gloves," he said. "I don't have a weak jaw, but if you get hit in the right spot, anybody can lose. You just try to lower the odds of being in that situation. If I can avoid that, I can win a lot of fights."