Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Religious Much?

What do I believe is one of the worst insults you can throw at a Christian?

Say that they're a "Religious Person".

I thought this was a commonly known thing, but in a lot of my conversations with non-believers, or apathetic people, or even "Religious People" for that matter, I have found that not many people understand the difference between being "Religious" and being a Christian.

A "Religious Person" say's if you don't go to church, you'll end up in Hell. A Christian knows that you'll only end up in Hell if you don't know Jesus.

A "Religious Person" says, you shouldn't drink, smoke, chew, swear etc. A Christian knows that God loves them and accepts them for who they are, warts and all. Not to say He loves everything you do, but he loves you DESPITE what you do.

A "Religious Person" is awful proud of themselves for all the charitable donations they make, and all the money they give to the church. A Christian knows that it's all Gods anyway, and sometimes a nickel is much more than a $100 bill.

A "Religious Person" thinks that if they're good to people, don't steal, and perform good works that they are somehow more righteous than the next guy, and this will win them points in heaven. A Christian knows that they are saved by grace through their faith alone, and absolutely nothing else. They may perform good works, but they realize that their works are but filthy rags when compared to the gifts from God.

A "Religious Person" thinks that long prayers are impressive, and that if they have the gift of tongues they are somehow more "Religious" than someone who doesn't have such a gift. A Christian knows that when it comes down to it, it's that time you spend in secret, quiet conversation with God that matters, and what you say in that time is irrelevant.

A "Religious Person" treats atheists/agnostics/unbelievers like they are doomed, and don't associate themselves with such people. A Christian knows that his actions are more important than his words to the lost, tries to treat all people with the love that God has for them (believer or not) and realizes that only a sick man needs a doctor.

"Religious People" killed Christ, and still kill new ideas today. They think worship should be done a certain way, when you wear certain things and only in a certain setting.

"Religious People" point out a splinter in your foot when they have a plank in their own.

My biggest challenge is when I talk to people who are non-believers that basically dismiss all I say as bunk...simply because they choose not to believe. It makes me sad for them, but that's what it all comes down to...it's a personal choice. They say there's no God. To me, that would be like me saying to them, "Well, I've never met your dad, so therefore I don't believe you have one." It's that real, and I'm that confident in my relationship with Him. I have had "Religious People" quote to me the verse from Revelations that talks about being on fire for God, not "luke warm". My only defense is this: God knows my heart. He knows yours too.

---Borrowed from a wise sister

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