Friday, June 20, 2008

Soulja Boy and IceT... sitting in a tree...

Getting on my damned nerves

Ok.. I don’t like Gansta Rap… I don’t like Bubble Gum Rap so I guess that puts me in the category of not liking either one of these bamma ass niglets.

But, How does it sound to have a 50 year old man.. yes 50, if his ass was born in 1958, telling a 17 year to “eat a dick”? What kind of ish is that? At 50 you should be trying to mentor this kid. Period. If you don’t like what he’s doing have a conversation… teach him something about life. Clearly there has to be some lesson you have learned since 1958 that you can teach.
I don’t think this whole diss tape this and diss tape that is a real way to address the issues that are happening not only in hip hop but in society. Ice T and some others in his generation paved the way for ignorant shit to be acceptable to be recorded on an album. They helped perpetuate the “Video Hoe” , Ghetto fab lifestyle, being a pimp, etc.

Now that you don’t understand or like what little dude is doing…(because according to him, your ass is old a fugg) all of a sudden it’s not ok. You have been rapping about killing the police, pimping hoes, etc. for a long ass time. Your lyrics and irresponsibility have helped to create a world where there are no longer Parental Advisory Warnings because anybody can say whatever they want to say. Not that this is not your right.. but damn. They even cuss on regular TV now…WTF?
So to blame the complete demise of Hip Hop on Soulja Boy is a cop out. A way for you to feel better about your old ass and the end of the day.