Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I hate the Patriots!

There I said it! I hope Eli Manning can pull out some testicular fortitude and bring home a win.
No one in the world wants them to win more than I do. I cant begin to explain, but for the last couple years or so I have adamantly cheered against the Patriots. So much so that even when they got one of my favorite players, I still loathed them. Sorry Randy! I still love you individually, I even cheer when you get good stats, but ultimately I always want the Patriots to lose. It is something about the smug way they present themselves. They remind me of the smart-assed kid that lives down the block that always teases other people when they get snacks. "That's why you can't have none!" Ughh! Or the goody-goody that is bad as hell but when an adult is around they are an angel.

That's right... I've got you pegged. Cheating ass cheaters.

PS. Looks like Brady might be jacked up.

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